ZRAČNA LUKA OSIJEK d.o.o., Klisa, Vukovarska ulica 67, PIN: 48188420009 (including

Osijek Airport Travel Agency subsidiary, Trg Ante Starčevića bb (pothodnik), Osijek.

ZRAČNA LUKA OSIJEK d.o.o. is the processor of the data received from contract partners for the purpose of the performance of services (e.g. airline companies).

 Legislative framework:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, GDPR
  • Act on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (Official Gazette No. 42/2018).

Policy objective:

provide information on processing and protection of personal data.

Data subjects:

  • users of services
  • persons requesting service quotes
  • persons requesting information
  • persons recorded by video surveillance at Osijek Airport

Means of personal data collection:

  • by means of forms available at osijek-airport.hr
  • by receiving mail and e-mails
  • by newsletter subscription
  • by video surveillance recordings at Osijek Airport
  • from point-of-sale respondents with the aim of realization of contracted services
  • from contract partners with the aim of realization of contracted services

By browsing the www.osijek-airport.hr website no data which could identify the data subject is collected. Purpose of the page: providing information on services and rules of air services.

ZRAČNA LUKA OSIJEK d.o.o. shall not be liable for the content of web pages available via provided links.

By using the website, you accept cookies. Information on cookies is shown on the screen as soon as you open the website.

The aim of the forms is facilitating access to the services, asking questions, and submission of complaints and compliments.

By sending a form, mail or e-mail, you guarantee the accuracy of the data and agree to data processing for the purpose of your data submission.

By subscribing to the newsletter (information and promotion only), you agree to newsletter sending, which you can withdraw at any moment.

The passenger terminal, apron, and cargo warehouse are under video surveillance in order to protect persons and property. There are labels with appropriate photographs and information on the premises.

We only collect such data as to enable us to respond to your request: name, surname, phone number and e-mail address. For the purpose of providing our services, we may also ask for: PIN (OIB), date of birth, gender, home address, date and route of the trip, travel document data, and information whether additional travel assistance is needed (mobility, hearing or visual impairments, etc.).

We obtain data necessary for flight registration of passengers from contract partners (airline companies).

We store your data until the purpose of data processing has been fulfilled, except for data which is further processed with the aim of archiving in public interest (issued invoices, concluded agreements). Video surveillance recordings are kept for 30 days and then deleted automatically. 

Any data received from airline companies is not stored. After logging out of the airline application system, the data is no longer available to us.

We shall not forward your data to third parties without your permission.

Your data shall not be sold nor rented to third parties.

Your personal data is protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure (technical, organizational, and procedural measures).

Contact: data.protection@osijek-airport.hr

This Policy shall be updated as necessary. 

Klisa, May 2018

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