Osijek Airport is the only airport in Croatia where cargo is the primary strategic dimension. Osijek Airport was built in 1980 as an alternative to Belgrade Airport with the aim of handling primarily cargo/freight air traffic. Osijek Airport has serious aspirations regarding the development of its cargo activities and has carried out many ad hoc operations involving cargo aircraft, mostly IL 76 type, which face significant problems in EU Member States. By providing service for such aircraft we gained comparative advantage over other airports in EU Member States, especially by transporting highly perishable foodstuffs, electronic, humanitarian or high value goods on routes between the European Union and countries of Africa, Asia and Middle East. Osijek Airport is the right choice for your cargo needs. Osijek Airport is located at the doorstep of the European Union; on the Vc Pan-European corridor Budapest - Osijek - Sarajevo - Ploče, connecting Central Europe with the Adriatic Sea. Excellent road and railway infrastructure, along with the position of approximately 20 km off the rivers Drava and Danube, allows Osijek Airport to be a link in the chain of multimodal transportation options of Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Bosna and Herzegovina.

The advantages cargo airlines gain from using Osijek Airport: Osijek Airport has an organized truck terminal, i.e., we offer ground handling services for trucks, storage of goods, customs services and sampling of goods (we have an approval for storage of goods subject to sanitary inspection and do not require special storage conditions) via a customs office already present at the Osijek Airport. Our location and infrastructure are excellent. We have modern facilities and equipment, and we offer 24/7 service, independent ground handling, freight forwarding, customs representation, and veterinary and sanitary inspection.

When it comes to regular flights, our pricing policy is all inclusive.

For additional information, please contact:

Davor Hanić

Cargo Manager

Phone: +385 31 514442

Mobile: +385 98 982 3008

E-mail: davor.hanic@osijek-airport.hr