For domestic flights, we advise you to check in 60 minutes before the scheduled flight. For international flights, we advise you to check in 120 minutes before the scheduled flight.

Check-in time

Check-in time depends on the air carrier. Please check the air carrier’s instructions and check in on time to avoid any possible delays.

When booking a ticket, please check the air carrier’s carry-on and checked luggage allowance rules:

Check-in tips

When you arrive to the passenger terminal at Osijek Airport, head to the check-in desk.

If you do not have a boarding pass and are carrying extra luggage:

After checking in your luggage at the check-in desk, you get a boarding pass and head to the gate. After a travel document check and security screening, you proceed to the waiting room before boarding.

If you have a printed boarding pass and carry only hand luggage, you may head directly to the gate. After a travel document check and security screening, you proceed to the waiting room before boarding.

Self-service check-in kiosks

You may check in for your flight using your passport, ID card, ETKT number or PNR code. After checking in at a self-service kiosk, passengers who need to check in their luggage may do so at the drop-off point.

Customs regulations

All information can be found at www.carina.hr.

Carrying EUR 10,000? If you are carrying cash of a value of EUR 10,000 or more (or a corresponding amount in some other currency or form) – no problem. However, please report this to the customs official.

Passports and visas

Passengers must inform themselves about the regulations of the destination or transit country(ies) in advance and obtain valid travel and other required documents (passport, visa and other permits).

Be aware that invalid travel documents constitute a reasonable ground for denied boarding. Accordingly, in that case, passengers will not be entitled to compensation or other rights stipulated by the European Parliament.

Dalj Border Police Station – Airport Police
Phone: +385 31 514 434

Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Phone: + 385 1 4569 964

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