Over the first eight months, Osijek Airport has served 64% more passengers compared to the same period last year. Thus, our easternmost airport gradually equalises record figures of the 2019, the last year prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Osijek Airport Served 64% More Passengers than the Previous Year

The pandemic had left its mark on air traffic throughout the world, including Osijek Airport. Despite two years of crisis that ensued, we are looking forward to the fact that passenger traffic is normalising, gradually returning to the pre-pandemic levels.

In the end of 2021, Osijek Airport signed a cooperation agreement with Croatian national air carrier Croatia Airlines, establishing a direct international line connecting Osijek to Munich for the first time in history of this air carrier. Bavarian capital is only 100 minutes away. In addition, Munich is a starting point for travelling to other European cities. Osijek-Munich line operates twice a week during the entire year.

Two pearls of the Adriatic coast, Split and Dubrovnik, are less than an hour away from Osijek, served by direct flights. You can discover the magic of Diokletian’s Palace or Dubrovnik City Walls after a flight lasting shorter than your favourite film! You can visit both cities with direct flights each week. The seaside has never been closer to Osijek!

In addition to the increase in the number of passengers, we are glad that this year Osijek Airport also saw the increase in cargo traffic. Compared to last year, 100% more cargo was transported through Osijek Airport. The positive trends mark the return of Osijek Airport to the map of regional transport hubs. For centuries Osijek has been a traffic intersection, and as it is located near three international borders – with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Serbia – its potential catchment area encompassing up to 2 million passengers.