Osijek Airport becomes the base for the Emergency Helicopter Medical Service for five Slavonian counties

From April this year, the Emergency Helicopter Medical Service (EHMS) will be available to the most vulnerable patients from five Slavonian counties, with the base of this vital service located at Osijek Airport. This initiative, involving teams of pilots and specially trained medical staff, will enable faster patient transportation, improve access to emergency medical care, and thus save lives.

On the occasion of the launch of this important project, the Minister of Health Vili Beroš, the Prefect of County Mato Lukić, Mayor Ivan Radić, the Deputy Director of the Croatian Institute of Emergency Medicine Damir Važanić and the Director of the Institute of Emergency Medicine of Osijek-baranja County Silvana Sabo visited Osijek Airport. The Minister emphasized the importance of an airport as a necessary infrastructure for such a service:
- In this way, we are closing the missing link and connecting all parts of the emergency medical service in order to provide the best possible help to our citizens. The idea was to implement the service as soon as possible, so we used the existing infrastructure conditions at certain airports, such as Osijek Airport, which is the home of the EHMS for this land base.

Osijek Airport is proud to play an important role in this project and in promoting the overall quality of life in our region. With nearly one million patients gravitating towards the city of Osijek and the Public University Hospital Centre in Osijek, they will now be in even safer hands. We hope that the need for this emergency medical service will be minimal, but when it arises, we will be ready to respond to the challenges for the benefit of our community!