The new line puts Osijek and its airport on the map as a regional hub.

With Croatia Airlines' Direct Line, Munich Is Only 100 Minutes Away From Osijek

By signing a cooperation agreement between Croatia Airlines and Osijek Airport on 23 September 2021, a direct line connecting Osijek to Munich was established for the first time in history of this air carrier.

Capital of federal state Bavaria, Munich, is one of the most important economic, cultural and transport centres in Germany. Munich airport is connected to more than 150 global destinations and the international line Osijek-Munich currently has connecting flights to big European destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin and Frankfurt. Located on the Isar and bordering the Bavarian Alps, Munich represents a unique blend of diversities – in culture, architecture and the way of living. Long, rich and complex history permeates each step, intertwining with the modern into an authentic and astonishing experience.

After only 100 minutes of flight you can wander the Munich’s Art District and observe 5000 years of art history, while the Theresienstrasse street, only one and a half kilometre long, offers anything one can wish for. In addition to the rich historic and cultural heritage and the magnificent architecture, you will be amazed by the distinctive art scene, rich night life and string of festivals. Besides, Munich is the starting point of a number of daily excursions to the equally intriguing Alpine area.

You can fly the Osijek-Munich line each Monday and Friday. Croatia Airlines’ Dash 8-Q400 aeroplane, seating 76 passengers, departs from Munich airport at 9.10 and turns around in Osijek, departing again at 11.20 and landing in Munich in only 100 minutes.

Common initiative for economic and tourist development

The new line puts Osijek, i.e. its airport on the map as a regional hub. Historically speaking, Osijek has always been an intersection. In traffic sense, an undisputed fact is that it is located less than 100 km from three international borders – with Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Considering the proximity of the state border, the potential catchment area of Osijek Airport extends to the neighbouring countries, encompassing 1.5 to 2 million passengers, with three pan-European transport corridors in its immediate vicinity.

This direct flight is a result of a common initiative of Osijek-Baranja County, City of Osijek, Tourist Board of Osijek-Baranja County and Osijek Airport, with expectations that future flights will contribute to the economic and tourist potential of Osijek and its wider area. Always described as “golden”, Slavonia and Baranja is the synonym for the golden plain, golden crops, droplets of wine and golden people as well, because the cordiality and hospitality have always been considered their greatest advantage.

Slavonia and Baranja is an impressive region, showcasing numerous differences – the traditional way of living is accompanied by modern spirit, the technological development is deeply immersed into natural resources and life on the go is permeated with rest and hedonism. Throughout the history, the region was adored by aristocracy, whose castles and estates left their mark on the surroundings. The plain is spotted with small hills, thus being ideal for cyclotourism, ecological tourism and active tourism. Health tourism is also trending, with the increasing number of healthcare institutions in Osijek, Slavonia and Baranja providing high-quality services based on modern trends.

They say that the only trip you will regret is the one you don't take, so do not postpone this one as the flight takes only 100 minutes.